Ladies’ Nite

Get the Party Started with the Ladies’ Nite Slot

This game, produced by the well revered gaming company Microgaming, is a slot which is all about catering for the ladies. Ladies need to let their hair down from time to time, and one of the best ways to do this is with an extravagant party with the girls. As the title suggests, this is a slot which is themed exactly around this. However, although this slot is aimed at women, it is actually a game that men also enjoy playing due to the fact that it pays out decent cash prizes regularly. With this slot, Microgaming brings the party and fun straight to you.

As usual, Microgaming has not let us down when it comes to the graphics and sound effects of this slot. The graphics are in 3D and consist of just about every colour under the sun whilst the sound effects consist of background chatter. To add to this, every time you win you will be treated to a short blast of a 1970s style tune. Therefore, the colourful graphics, along with the background chatter that you would expect to find in any busy bar/disco and the 1970s styled tune that accompanies a win, helps to add to the party theme of the slot.

The symbols in this slot consist of items that are exactly what you would expect to find on a ladies’ night out. The regular symbols include cocktails, a sparkling purse, lipstick, perfume, a happy girl dancing under a disco ball and playing card symbols 9-A.

Ladies’ night is a 5 reel, 3 row, 9 variable payline slot. The coin betting ranges vary from €0,01 to €1,00 and you can place up to five coins per line. Therefore, the minimum/maximum bets are €0,01 and €45,00 per spin. Bet = coin betting range x coins per line x number of paylines.

How to Play

  1. Choose your coin betting range
  2. Choose your coins per line
  3. Decide how many paylines to use
  4. Click spin

Bonus Features

Wild Symbol – The disco ball is the wild symbol. It acts as a substitute for all symbols except the scatter. This is the highest paying symbol in the game: 5 of these across an active payline will win 10.000 coins. It will also double the winnings if part of a winning combination.

Scatter – The half-naked waiter carrying shots is the scatter symbol. This is needed to activate the free spin round.

Free Spins – land three, four or five scatter symbols across the reels to activate fifteen free spins. All wins are tripled and free spins can be reactivated.

Gamble – Here you can earn double your cash prize by choosing the right card colour or quadruple your winnings by choosing the correct suit.

This is a simple and entertaining slot to play. It may lack bonus features when compared to most modern slots; however, the fifteen free spins and 3x multiplier more than make up for this.

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Live Blackjack VIP

Invite the physical casino into your own home

Extreme Live Gaming have been at it for a few years now, and in the short time they have been active they have managed to sculpt the online casino marked to a large extent. This has been done through live casino games. Live casino is a huge thing right now, with everyone trying out these awesome games. All classic casino games are available, meaning that you never again have to visit an offline (land-based) casino. Through web-cameras and a blend of digital technology, Extreme Live Gaming have created the perfect casino atmosphere online. Live Blackjack VIP is one of their most popular games, and there are numerous reasons for this – one being that blackjack is the game of choicer with high-rollers.

How to play

You have probably played blackjack before, haven’t you? Everyone has tried it out, either at school or at home for fun, at different casinos around the world, or on the net. Blackjack is the most famous, most popular casino game of all time, with millions of active players across the globe. Live Blackjack is just the same as normal one. As soon as you are connected to the web-camera, a cute girl will welcome you to her table. On the right you will see a pay-out structure and some necessary info; your left hand side is occupied by a chat-box. Yes, you can chat with the cute girls. In the middle, a typical blackjack table is displayed, with several positions for betting. You will notice that many players are participating – their usernames are showing. On the bottom are your chips. Place chips on the table, and watch the lovely girl deal the cards.

Betting Options

You noticed the “VIP” in the name, right? So did we. Live Blackjack VIP is for high-rollers, and we were expecting that a big stake is necessary to play this casino game and we weren’t disappointed. Live Blackjack VIP demands at least 10 dollars/euro per round, and up to a massive 20.0. With some luck, you could become a millionaire over night!

Theme & Special Functions

Since this is a VIP table, you will notice some nice details like gold, diamonds and more solid colours. It simply looks fabulous – Extreme Live Gaming have done a great job with this classic design. There are no special functions, as this is not a slot machine. Live dealers are the only “special function” you really need. Real life humans in front of you, waiting for your stakes, what else could you possibly ask for?

Live Blackjack VIP is nothing short of spectacular. If you can afford it, this is the game to play at the moment. We certainly can’t afford to partake at present, but some of our readers are probably better off than us. It looks and feels great, especially on larger screens. Extreme Live Gaming have released several cool live casino games recently, and even though Live Blackjack VIP is designed for big players, it will probably see an influx of regular players as well. Everyone is on the lookout for big prizes!

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Live Roulette Low limit

Let it spin, and take the win

If you have never tried live casino before, now is the time to start. This modern trend is evolving constantly, and the games are becoming better and better. Live casino is all about bringing the casino to you, since you do not want to go to the casino. Why travel and spend money on hotels just to play casino games live, when you can do so from the comfort of your own living room? Live casino is all about this, and even though it can’t give you the smells and surroundings of an offline casino, it will let you experience (to a larger degree) what it’s like to be seated at some fancy venue with professional dealers in front of you. Live Roulette Low Limit is a brilliant game to start out with, since you get to try all the functions and see the beauty of live casino without having to bet a lot.

How to play

Live Roulette Low Limit is very easy to play, like most live casino games. There is a digital table in front of you, with all the usual red and black fields. In the bottom you have your chips, all with different values. Place the chips you wish to bet on the designated fields on the table, and wait for the round to start. Since this is live roulette, the dealer will spin the wheel at certain time intervals. You have to place all your bets before the next round starts. If you win, chips are automatically added to your account.

Betting Options

As the name suggests, Live Roulette Low Limit lets you play with tiny stakes. Which makes it perfect for those who wish to try out live casino without spending too much. Most live casino games cost more than standard slots, due to the fact that you have real people doing a major part of the job. You would never bet 10 cents in Las Vegas casino, hence, most live casino games operate with higher limits (in contrast to slot machines). However, Live Roulette Low Limit, allows you to break these limits and bet anything from a few cents to hundreds of dollars.

Theme & Special Functions

There is no specific theme in Live Roulette Low Limit. It’s all about the roulette table, with its red and black tiles. And the wheel, of course. Since the wheel is a real one, it looks stunning. No digital wheel can look better than the real thing. As for special functions – there are none. This is a roulette game, you know. A classic roulette game.

Extreme Live Gaming continues to impress. They have released about a dozen cool live casino games already, and we believe that more are in the pipeline. Live Roulette Low Limit might not be the most entertaining of their live casino games, but it certainly does the trick. We would definitely recommend Live Roulette Low Limit to anyone who is new to the live casino market. With the incredibly low limits, you should be able to familiarise yourself with both the game and the dealers without digging too deep.

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